The Information Must be Reached!

By Shifa Al Quda Translated by Estevan Sanchez

The hour reached 12 PM of February first. I did not think that I would receive a call like the one I did that day. Mr. Mohammad Shamma requested of me to work on a report regarding resident doctors in private hospitals. At first I didn’t believe it to be true. A call like this would reconnect me to journalism and the field of in depth reporting; especially since the idea enticed me before. I needed cases that faced violations and it was my friend Rameen, from JHR, who helped me make this possible.

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Jordanian women married to Asian men: Double the suffering!

Najwa Soliman

The city of Dhlail has flourished since the nineties of the last century with the establishment of dozens of factories in the city. It currently hosts dozens of factories, most of which are specialized in spinning and weaving. The operation of these factories has left its mark on the social fabric of Dhlail, especially among people with low income.    Continue reading “Jordanian women married to Asian men: Double the suffering!”

One Year Since the Joufeh Collapses: Postponed Solutions and Ongoing Suffering

By Lina Shannak, translated by Ayyam Safadi

The people of Joufeh Camp, east of the capital Amman woke up last October 31st to an eviction notice carried by Public Security personnel to two homes neighboring the buildings, which collapsed in January. The people refused to leave, amid uncertainty surrounding the fate of their neighbors who lost their homes before them.

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