About women who married non-Jordanians!

Blog: Najwa Suleiman


I started working in the media through the “Huna Al-Zarqa’” project. This start allowed to move forward in this field, although my academic background is pharmacy, which is very far from the media. 

I’ve authored several social reports, most recently a report entitled: “Jordanian women married to Asian men: Double the suffering!” which was written with the support of JHR and after benefiting from a training course provided generously by them.

In this report, I got deep into the world of Jordanian women married to Asian men. I learned about their lost rights as I entered their homes for the first time and shared their spicy food. I was surprised to learn that some of these women cannot eat that food, and that some of them still do not know their husbands’ language despite the many years of fruitful marriage with the presence of the children. English language seems to be the main method of communication between the majority of the couples haunted by the specter of residence and the amounts required to issue and renew it; an amount that is way beyond their financial situation, which means that they suffer from many problems.

This experience has taught me that marriage may be the result of acquaintance during work. One of the ladies told me that the reason that drove her to get married from an Asian man is the failure of her previous marriage, which left looking for a home and some comfort. This information was shocking for me: Did we run out of young men and women willing to marry in this country? What is pushing our daughters to enter such an unknown marriage?

Is it because of complicated marriage procedures, the tough demands of the families of groom and the bride and the expensive dowries? That does not seem to be the case, since all these marriage were consensual and concluded with great joy.

However, the 6 years or 13 years marriages are now tormented by residence procedures and the terror of work permits, which disturb this happy marriage and these Asian-Jordanian families. These struggles may be the reason behind the decline of these sorts of marriages, where the husband cannot be in the grocery shop owned by the wife, because sitting behind the cash register means that he is working in this grocery store.

I like to write about these topics, which address the troubles of migrant workers. It was one of the most beautiful and interesting types of reports. This was my 5th report, dealing with the problems of these Asian workers, as well as food habits and cousin.

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